What is eBay Template Design?

eBay Template Design includes eBay Listing Template Design and eBay Store Template Design.

eBay Listing Template is designed for all listings in eBay. There are 3 steps:
1. Setup everything in the listing template codes (links, logo and etc) except item details. This step we can do for you if you need.
2. Add your item description and pictures into the listing template using TagBot, you don't need to edit codes.
3. Copy & paste all the export codes to your listing description section.
We will send you detailed instructions with screenshots.

eBay Store Template is designed for eBay stores. It's usually divided into 3 sections: homepage, header and left. It also includes a simple custom page template for your custom pages. We will send you the store template together with instructions that elaborate the steps to integrate the template codes into your ebay store. We also offer FREE installation service if you need.

Buy Our Existing / Pre-made eBay Templates:
1. About Our eBay Templates
* 2017 eBay Policy Compliant - No Active Content

Start from June 2017, eBay will block all active contents (javascript, form and flash) in eBay listing and store. So now, we only sell eBay templates that without active content. We know eBay rules well, we only do what eBay allows. We're not going to design any eBay templates with elements that violate eBay policy.

* Responsive Design & Mobile Optimized

All of our eBay templates are responsive to all devices include computers, tablets and mobiles. Responsive means its layout design will change automatically based on the width of the devices or browsers, to give users a best viewing experience.

* Compatible with All Devices & Browsers

All of our eBay templates are tested to be compatible with all devices (computers, tablets and mobiles) and browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and etc).

* Dynamic / Automatic Categories

All of our eBay Store Templates are using dynamic/automatic categories from eBay, so you don't need to edit codes to add or change categories. You only need to edit your store categories in your eBay "Manage My Store > Store Categories", and then the categories will show in your store automatically.
Due to eBay policy 2017, eBay Listing Templates no longer allowed to use dynamic/automatic categories, if you still want to use dynamic/automatic categories in your eBay listings, please use eBay default category box, go to your eBay "Manage My Store > Marketing Tools > Listing Frame", select "Store header and left-navigation category list".

* 100% eBay-friendly

All of our eBay templates are coded using HTML and pure inline CSS codes which are accepted by eBay. We have tested all templates on eBay to ensure they are 100% eBay-friendly.

* Completely Flexible & Editable

The sizes of all elements include the images are designed to be flexible, so that the templates won't be distorted when you revise the contents and images. Besides, expansions are allowed and best fitted with your contents. The HTML files are fully editable. We have instruction comments inside all HTML files to show you where and how to edit your contents.

* Compatible with Third Party Listing Tools

All of our eBay Listing Templates are compatible with TagBot by default. Click here to know what is TagBot. It's an useful tool when you add listing template into your eBay listings, you don't need to edit codes if you use it. If you don't want to use it please let us know.
If you need your listing template to be compatible with third party listing tool such as Auctiva, Inkfrog, Highwire, Vendio, M2E Pro, PrestaBay, WP-Lister and etc, please let us know when you purchase it, we will add related codes to your listing template.

* Mouse-click / Touch Image Gallery

All of our eBay Listing Templates have a mouse-click / touch image gallery. We make it using HTML and CSS codes. It's easy to edit and you can insert as many images as you want.

* Professional Instructions & Helps

We have instructions inside each template. If you are facing any problems or need more instructions, you can contact us at anytime. We have professional eBay template designer that will guide and consult you.

2. Important Notes
  1. All template codes and images will be sent to you so that you have everything with you safe. So, you will need certain Image Hosting (can use free image hosting) or Web Hosting to store your image files.
  2. We'll send you instructions.
  3. Please note that you only can use our template in ONE eBay account. If you need to use it in more than one eBay account, you must purchase copyright from us.
  4. Please let us know if you need your listing template to be able to compatible with Auctiva, Inkfrog, Highwire, Vendio, M2E Pro, PrestaBay, WP-Lister and etc, we'll add the compatible codes before send it to you.
  5. Our listing templates are by default with TagBot codes added in it, so if you don't want to use TagBot and want to edit your listing template manually (by edit the codes only), please let us know so that we can send you another version. Click here to know what is TagBot.
  6. If you need a custom template, please contact us to let us know your needs and your ideas for the design. You can refer to some of our existing/pre-made templates or portfolios to explain to us what are the designs or functions you want, it'd be easier to understand.
  7. To our existing/pre-made eBay templates, we'll only sell limited number of each design to ensure their uniqueness.
  8. You cannot resell our templates.
3. Buying Process
  1. Press "Check Out" to pay us with your PayPal, credit card or debit card.
  2. Contact us with your payment details via email([email protected]) or our "contact us" form.
  3. We will contact you and send the files to your email address within 24 hours.
4. FAQs

Q: eBay listing template has 2 designs, what is the difference between Design A and Design B?

A: Due to eBay policy 2017, eBay Listing Template no longer allowed to use dynamic/automatic categories. So, Design A contains a custom category box which need you to edit categories in codes, we suggest you use it only if you think you don't or seldom change your store categories. Design B is without category box.
PS. eBay Store Template still contains dynamic/automatic categories, it's eBay function so it's not affected by eBay policy 2017.

Q: If I needed free installation service, how long would you need to install the template for me?

A: After I have received full payment, I will send you a list of what I need from you to do the installation, then you must send us everything in one email. After I have received everything that I need, I will do the installation at the same day or the next day.

Q: Do you need my eBay login if I need free installation service?

A: Yes, I need your eBay login to do the installation for your eBay store template. But if it's an eBay listing template, I don't need your eBay login.

Q: What if I change my eBay id or store name?

A: You'll need to edit all the links in your template. And please let us know so that we could identify you in our customer list to ensure your copyright.

Q: How to copy eBay gallery picture link/url?

A: Click here for answer.